Move More! Move Often!

More More! Move Often!

Move More! Move Often!

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Physical wellbeing

Did you know that increased exercise and movement improves mood, creates better sleep, and reduces stress and risk for chronic disease?

Are you ready to increase your physical wellbeing?  Are you looking for a supportive community to keep you accountable?

 Move More! Move Often! is the perfect opportunity!

Move More! Move Often! is a 6-week program (February 17 – March 29) engaging and encouraging individuals to increase their daily physical activity. Using activity trackers participants monitor daily steps OR active minutes.  Throughout the 6-week challenge, participants can access performance incentives, receive supplemental resources and materials, and join the campus community for opportunities to get more active.

This program caters to all activity levels and all activity types! The 6-week program begins with a baseline week (February 17 – February 23) to assess current activity levels.  It will continue for the next five weeks (February 24 – March 29) with a goal of increasing activity toward the Center of Disease Control’s recommended average of 10,000 steps per day OR 150 active minutes per week OR maintaining those levels if you already meet them.  There will be weekly mini-challenges, newsletters with helpful tips, and opportunities on campus to be active to keep participants engaged and encouraged.  Performance will be tracked throughout the program using the MoveSpring dashboard, to which participants will link their activity trackers.  Assistance is available to those who don’t already have a tracker that syncs with MoveSpring.

At the end of the 6 weeks, prizes will be awarded to those who increase their individual daily average steps OR weekly average active minutes by 50%, 75%, or 100%, as well as those who were already meeting those recommendations and maintained them.

To help you find opportunities to get active, daily walking groups will be available and weekly fitness classes in Reynolds Gym will be open to Move More! Move Often! Participants!

Be your best you!


Staying Active During COVID-19 Restrictions:

Given our recent directives for staying off campus, walking groups will not be held for the remainder of the challenge.

Here are some ideas for keeping active:

  • Use the short daily workouts attached to your ongoing Active Minute or Steps challenge – just swipe left!
  • Take movement breaks often while you’re working from home.  Set an alarm every 2 hours to get up and MOVE for at least 15 minutes.
  • This can be a brisk walk around the block, jogging in place, a chair yoga routine or just a stretch break. Whatever works for you – keep moving!!
  • Planet Fitness is offering free live streams of at home workouts Monday-Friday at 7:00PM Eastern through their facebook page.  You can learn more about this here: USA Today: Planet Fitness Free At Home Workouts Article
  • Many YMCAs are posting streaming videos of their group fitness classes.  Just go to their individual facebook pages, like this one: Robinhood Road Family YMCA
  • Here is an awesome resource for free at home online workouts that account for all ability levels and workout styles:  FitnessBlender

Join your campus partners in Moving More and Moving Often!

“I thought the walking groups were the best part of this program. They encouraged me to do more physically throughout the day and I helped me to realize how relaxing just walking can be during a stressful week.” -Student

“Having a community of folks and the university support to work on my wellbeing was probably the biggest benefit. I found the emails helpful because I learned some things  and they kept my activity in front of me” –Staff

“Thank you for making this program available to so many members of the WFU community! I’m glad to have participated” –Faculty

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this program- I look forward to participating next semester and also encouraging others to participate!” –Student