How to Intervene

Know how to help yourself, and others in various situations. Whether you ask for help from a friend, or help someone directly, utilize the 4 D’s to step up, and be an active bystander.

  • Direct

    Speak up and address inappropriate comments and behaviors head on.

    • “Hey, are you okay?”
    • “Are you too drunk to hook up?”
    • “Back off”
    • “Looks like things are getting a little intense, can I help?”
    • “You said you were sticking with us tonight, I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to go with them, and for us to split up.”
  • Distract

    Get creative and do something to disrupt the situation.

    • Tell them a friend is looking for them
    • Accidentally spill a drink
    • Ask them to help you with something (find your phone, wallet, friends, etc.)
    • Engage in the conversation- “Hey, don’t I know you from my class?”
    • Ask one of them to walk you home
  • Delegate

    Alert other people and get help from someone who is better equipped to handle the situation.

    • Find the host of the party to help you with the situation
    • Find the bouncer/bartender
    • Utilize campus resources and the LiveSafe app to contact University Police
    • Get your RA involved
    • If you don’t know the person-seek help from people who do know them (friends, roommates, etc.)
  • Delay

    If you don’t feel comfortable acting in the moment, you can always take action and follow up later on after the event has occurred.

    • Checking in with the person the next day to see how they are feeling and how the night went
    • Reach out to campus resources to get more information about how to help