Wellbeing Wednesday

Wellbeing Wednesday

What to expect

Wellbeing Wednesday presents students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to engage their wellbeing in unique ways such as through dance, painting, creating music, and stress relieving activities.

We partner with student organizations, WFU professionals, and local organizations to facilitate 2 hour workshops on Wednesday’s from 4-6 pm. Wake Forest community members are always welcome to drop in and engage with the week’s activity!

Spring 2020

Jan. 29 – Boosting Health & Wellbeing Through Natural Remedies

Wellbeing Center, Room A330, 4-6 pm

Join Dr. Blake Kovner of the Naturopathic Health Clinic to learn about herbal medicine & cold remedies, as well as strategies for reducing stress and anxiety

Feb. 12 – Poetry and Confidence Building

Wellbeing Center, Room A330, 4-6 pm

Join Precious Pauling in a soul-stirring conversation of self-love and self-compassion through poetry and time for reflection.

Feb. 26 – Knit 4 A Cause

Wellbeing Center, Room A330, 4-6 pm

Join the Fiber Arts Club in knitting a square for the organization Warm Up America – beginners and experienced knitters are all welcome!

March 4 – Smoothie Blender Bike

Wellbeing Center living room, 4-6 pm

Don’t miss your chance to ride the Blender Bike, to learn about how much energy it takes to power the bike, and to taste a delicious plant-forward smoothie!

March 18 – Nature Doodle and Drawing

Benson Rotunda, 4-6 pm

Join Mary Dunlop, Marketing Coordinator for Campus Life, in creating hand-lettering and doodling artwork related to nature.

Apr. 1 – Bullet Journaling and Mindfulness

Wellbeing Center, Room A330, 4-6 pm

Join Molly Keener- ZSR Director of Digital Initiatives & Scholarly Communication in learning how to bullet journal and how this can impact your mindfulness practices.

Apr. 15 – Build Your Own Summer Workout

Wellbeing Center living room, 4-6 pm

Join Campus Recreation in creating your own unique summer workout/exercise plan!