Give yourself grace. Growth takes time.

A look at resilience

Resilience helps us tackle life’s unexpected changes, difficulties, & failures in healthy ways. Resilience consists of a range of skills that improve as you practice.

The Resilience Workshop Series gives opportunities for students to learn how to develop & implement these skills into everyday life.

  • Adjusting, adapting, and coping WELL with challenges and change
  • An ordinary process that can be learned by anyone
  • Includes your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors
  • Requires a community that encourages and gives it space to live and grow

Resilience workshops

Skill building workshop(s) will include topics such as:

  • Things you do for yourself – mindfulness, gratitude, self-care, tracking your emotions & body
  • Ways you view yourself and the world – growth mindset, optimism, realistic expectations
  • Your relationships – healthy relationships, boundaries, empathy

Spring 2020 workshops

Section one*
Tuesdays 4- 5:15
Week 1 – March 17
Week 2 – March 24
Week 3 – March 31
Week 4 – April 7

Section two*

Wednesdays 2:30-3:45
Week 1 – March 18
Week 2 – March 25
Week 3 – April 1
Week 4 – April 8

*Each workshop will have a max of 30 students.

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    Workshop FAQ

  • Where will the workshops take place?

    All workshops will take place at the Wellbeing Center. Once you register you’ll receive a confirmation email with more details.

  • How many sessions do I need to attend?
    This workshop series is a cohort format – We expect you to attend all 4 sessions of the workshop series at the same time each week for 4 consecutive weeks.  There are multiple times offered to accommodate schedules.
  • Will I have prep or homework?

    There are no formal readings or “homework” associated with the workshops. You will have weekly challenges to engage in building your skills and engage others in your networks with resilience skills.

  • What does the future of resilience look like at Wake?

    This workshop series is a pilot and seeks to get as much feedback from you as possible. Many more opportunities to build resilience skills at Wake are on the horizon and will grow directly from the feedback we get from you.