Dimension Champion Awards

THRIVE is a comprehensive, campus-wide wellbeing initiative, and it’s not just for students. At Wake Forest, we prioritize the health and wellbeing of students, faculty, and staff to create a community where everyone has the tools and resources they need to succeed. The THRIVE Dimension Champion Awards serve as an opportunity to highlight the leadership and scholarship of faculty and staff across the eight dimensions of wellbeing. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to nominate faculty and staff members that embody one of the eight dimensions of wellbeing, and the winners will be announced at our annual ceremony this April.


Wellbeing Dimensions :


Congratulations to our 2018 Dimension Champions!


Tess Chevalier                          Laura Denlinger                      Luci Hill
Emotional Wellbeing              Environmental Wellbeing      Financial Wellbeing


Nelson Brunsting                    Elizabeth Leslie                        Samantha Fields
Intellectual Wellbeing             Occupational Wellbeing        Physical Wellbeing


Shannon Ashford                   Shayla Herndon-Edmunds
Social Wellbeing                      Spiritual Wellbeing

  • 2017 THRIVE Dimension Champions

    Emotional Wellbeing – Denisha Champion, Counseling Center

    Environmental Wellbeing – Lee Collette, Campus Recreation

    Financial Wellbeing – Barbara Meredith, Provost’s Office

    Intellectual Wellbeing – Debbie Newsome, Department of Counseling

    Occupational Wellbeing – Melanie Bullock, Office of Student Engagement

    Physical Wellbeing – Adam Carlson, Information Systems

    Social Wellbeing – Lesia Finney, University Police

    Spiritual Wellbeing – Sylvia Green, School of Business

  • 2016 THRIVE Dimension Champions

    Emotional Wellbeing – Michele Kurtz, Student Engagement

    Environmental Wellbeing – Jim Mussetter, Facilities & Campus Services

    Financial Wellbeing – Tom Benza, Office of Financial Aid

    Intellectual Wellbeing – William Hamilton, The Department of German & Russia

    Occupational Wellbeing – Catherine Ross, Teaching & Learning Center

    Physical Wellbeing – Michael Terry, Advancement Gifts/Records

    Social Wellbeing – Margaret Kittrell, Student Health Service

    Spiritual Wellbeing – Sharon Jones, Aramark

  • 2015 THRIVE Dimension Champions

    Emotional Wellbeing – Ulrike Weithaus, Department of Religion and American Ethnic Studies Program

    Environmental Wellbeing – Deede Pinkney, OPCD

    Financial Wellbeing – Dawn Cadd, Procurement Services

    Intellectual Wellbeing – Erica Still, English Department

    Occupational Wellbeing – Laura Giovanelli, English Department

    Physical Wellbeing – Louis Gusbar, Graduate Student Academic Services

    Social Wellbeing – Cherise James, Residence Life & Housing

    Spiritual Wellbeing – Mike Ford, Pro Humanitate Institute