Dimension Champion Awards

thrive dimension champion awards

THRIVE is a comprehensive, campus-wide wellbeing initiative.

Wake Forest prioritizes students, faculty, and staff’s health and wellbeing to create a community where everyone has the tools and resources they need to succeed.

The THRIVE Dimension Champion Awards are a time to identify and recognize Wake Forest faculty and staff for their contributions and leadership to Wellbeing in one of the eight dimensions.


Wellbeing Dimensions :


Coming April 2022

  • 2019 THRIVE Dimension Champions

    Emotional WellbeingJessica Scales, Office of the Dean of Students

    Environmental Wellbeing – Jim Coffey, Office of Sustainability

    Financial Wellbeing – Deborah Snyder, Teaching & Learning Collaborative

    Intellectual Wellbeing – Adrian Greene, English Department

    Occupational Wellbeing – Jonathan McElderry, Intercultural Center

    Physical Wellbeing – Christy Buchanan, Psychology Department

    Social Wellbeing – Derri Stormer, University Police

    Spiritual WellbeingGail Bretan, Office of the Chaplain

  • 2018 THRIVE Dimension Champions

    Emotional Wellbeing – Tess Chevalier, Psychology Department

    Environmental Wellbeing – Laura Denlinger, Learning Assistance Center

    Financial Wellbeing – Luci Hill, Athletics, Business Office

    Intellectual Wellbeing – Nelson Brunsting, Global Programs and Studies

    Occupational Wellbeing – Elizabeth Leslie, Residence Life & Housing

    Physical Wellbeing – Samantha Fields, Student Financial Services

    Social Wellbeing – Shannon Ashford, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

    Spiritual Wellbeing – Shayla Herndon-Edmunds, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

  • 2017 THRIVE Dimension Champions

    Emotional Wellbeing – Denisha Champion, Counseling Center

    Environmental Wellbeing – Lee Collette, Campus Recreation

    Financial Wellbeing – Barbara Meredith, Provost’s Office

    Intellectual Wellbeing – Debbie Newsome, Department of Counseling

    Occupational Wellbeing – Melanie Bullock, Office of Student Engagement

    Physical Wellbeing – Adam Carlson, Information Systems

    Social Wellbeing – Lesia Finney, University Police

    Spiritual Wellbeing – Sylvia Green, School of Business

  • 2016 THRIVE Dimension Champions

    Emotional Wellbeing – Michele Kurtz, Student Engagement

    Environmental Wellbeing – Jim Mussetter, Facilities & Campus Services

    Financial Wellbeing – Tom Benza, Office of Financial Aid

    Intellectual Wellbeing – William Hamilton, The Department of German & Russia

    Occupational Wellbeing – Catherine Ross, Teaching & Learning Center

    Physical Wellbeing – Michael Terry, Advancement Gifts/Records

    Social Wellbeing – Margaret Kittrell, Student Health Service

    Spiritual Wellbeing – Sharon Jones, Aramark

  • 2015 THRIVE Dimension Champions

    Emotional Wellbeing – Ulrike Weithaus, Department of Religion and American Ethnic Studies Program

    Environmental Wellbeing – Deede Pinkney, OPCD

    Financial Wellbeing – Dawn Cadd, Procurement Services

    Intellectual Wellbeing – Erica Still, English Department

    Occupational Wellbeing – Laura Giovanelli, English Department

    Physical Wellbeing – Louis Gusbar, Graduate Student Academic Services

    Social Wellbeing – Cherise James, Residence Life & Housing

    Spiritual Wellbeing – Mike Ford, Pro Humanitate Institute