Blog of Wellbeing Dimensions

Joyful Movement and Physical Wellbeing

By Ashley Berry, Campus Life Fellow

What do you think of when you hear the phrase physical wellbeing? I would bet that most think of physical wellbeing as exercising regularly and maintaining a ...

Community Wellbeing is Environmental Wellbeing

By Brian Cohen, Office of Sustainability

Orange has long been my favorite color. To me, it represents sunshine, cheer, and happiness. Unfortunately, the hue has taken on a bit of a negative ...

Spiritual Wellbeing

By Naijla Faizi, Office of the Chaplain

What a year we’ve had already. I, like many of you, was ready to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021 in the hopes of some sunshine after the horrible ...

Becoming Fiscally Fit

By Amy Willard, Office of Personal and Career Development

Like physical wellness, financial wellness does not happen overnight. It takes practice and consistent effort to see results. You need to ...

Importance of Time Management

By Ashley Berry, Campus Life Fellow

Heading into final exams and the last day of classes, it may seem like there is an overwhelming amount of studying and assignments to be done. The good news is ...