Blog of Wellbeing Dimensions

Emotional Wellbeing and Gratitude

By: Ashley Berry

Adjusting to the new normal isn’t easy. It has forced us to think about how different life was before the pandemic and how important small, everyday things were to us. With ...

Social Wellbeing and COVID-19

By: Erinn Forbes

In a time of such intense separation, it’s more crucial than ever that we have opportunities to bond socially. For first year students especially, the fall semester is a time ...

Apply to be a COVID-19 Student Adviser or Consultant

The Office of Wellbeing and Student Engagement are excited to announce an open call for students to apply for the inaugural COVID-19 Student Adviser and Consultant Program.

The WFU COVID-19 Peer ...

How Your Relationship with Physical Wellbeing Changes Over Time

By: Kristin Knight

Kristin Knight is a senior Communication major with triple minors in Journalism, Entrepreneurship, and Studio Art. For the past year, she’s been writing the weekly Campus ...

Maintaining Optimism in an Era of Overwhelming Environmental News

Maintaining Optimism in an Era of Overwhelming Environmental News

Environmental Wellbeing

By: Cassie Freund

Cassie Freund is a PhD candidate in Miles Silman’s lab in the Department of Biology. ...