Practicing Intellectual Wellness Over Winter Break

By Ashley Berry, Campus Life Fellow

When we think of wellbeing, the aspects that first come to mind are physical and mental wellness. But, it is important to also think about your intellectual wellbeing and how you can care for your brain and tend to your curiosity and ideas. Intellectual wellbeing is all about learning, exploring new ideas, and being more well-rounded. As we head into winter break, consider how you can strengthen your intellectual wellbeing by finding new and stimulating ways to keep yourself busy while not having the demands of coursework. Here are 10 tips on how you can practice intellectual wellbeing over the intersession..

  1. Create a blog and write about a topic that interests you
  2. Pick up a new artistic hobby like knitting or painting
  3. Attend a webinar on a topic you want to learn more about
  4. Read a book for fun
  5. Listen to an informational podcast
  6. Play a musical instrument
  7. Journal your thoughts
  8. Complete a crossword or puzzle
  9. Be an active listener
  10. Watch a TED Talk