Financial Wellbeing: CashCourse Benefits

You make money decisions every day, even when you don’t open your wallet. Set financial goals for yourself, and learn strategies for how to reach those goals. With saving and investing, you can grow your money to build a more secure financial future

Wake Forest utilizes CashCourse—a free, online financial education resource designed specifically for college and university students.  CashCourse equips students with information that helps make informed financial decisions, from orientation to graduation and life after college.

All members of the Wake Forest community—students, faculty, and staff—can create an account at CashCourse and gain access to articles with financial tips, budget wizards with customizable templates, financial calculators, featured videos on money management, and an ‘ask the experts’ section.  Take advantage of this free, self-paced online resource today!



Thomas Benza

Associate Director

Student Financial Aid

Tel 336-758-5978