Intellectual Wellbeing

During the month of November, the WFU Office of Wellbeing recognizes Intellectual Wellbeing as the Dimension of the month! This is a month to expand your mind and broaden your horizons. Don’t let your curiosity end with lectures and textbooks– use this month to find the answer to a question you’ve always had, learn a new skill, or practice one you’ve let fall by the wayside. Challenge yourself with an inspiring work of art or an enlightening documentary. Share your thoughts with your friends and encourage your friends to share their thoughts with you! Our minds are sharper when we are engaged with the ideas around us. At the same time, be more conscious of the things that make it harder for you to learn. For example, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is one of the best ways to keep your brain in top form. Whatever you choose to do, this is the month to express your creativity, solve problems, and discover new things. With that in mind, we have a few recommended resources & suggested activities for your consideration . . .

Visit a museum or art gallery!

Winston-Salem is “the City of Arts and Innovation” and boasts a vibrant community of artists and cultural institutions. Here are a few museums and art galleries around campus and in our very own community that you should consider for your next outing:


Learn a new language (or continue practicing a language you’ve learned)!

ZSR Library currently subscribes to Pronunciator, an online language learning tool that provides interactive, self-paced and customizable language courses. Mango Languages will soon be joining ZSR Library’s repertoire of language learning resources, as well!


Start a book club or host a film night!

Get a group together and share your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to a literary work, a graphic novel or a film! You can find recent releases and new additions to the library collection in our Browsing Collection, including our Graphic Novels & Comics Collection, located in the the library atrium. Our Film Collection consists of over 13,000 DVD titles, including access to the Criterion Collection— a significant archive of contemporary filmmaking. Search for a film from our website or browse our new arrivals.


Engage with the performing arts!

Theatre, dance, and other performing arts can provide opportunities for us to broaden our perspectives on life beyond day to day experiences. Performance arts enrich our lives and there are a wealth of opportunities to support performing arts programs in our community:

by Jon Moore, Reference Services Coordinator & Meghan Webb, Instruction & Outreach Librarian