Building a Community through Social Wellbeing

by Ja’Mahl McDaniel

Social Wellbeing is important because it drives our daily interactions with people and has shown to increase and maintain our happiness. A healthy amount of social wellbeing can make the difference in someone finding their sense of belonging here at Wake and eventually calling it home. Though social wellbeing may look different for every individual, it is the role of the Intercultural Center and Campus Life to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all students to thrive.

Everyone seeks a community where they can be themselves. For some that may stem from a social setting, the place one calls home or through interactions with other people. The best way to find that space is through building connections which is one way the Intercultural Center can help you.

The mission of the Intercultural Center is to enhance the experience of domestic and international underrepresented groups by offering co-curricular programming, advising and advocacy that enhances intercultural knowledge, competency and leadership. Whether you are taking your first steps on campus or returning to Wake for another successful year, you can always count on our doors being open for you to find social interactions and most importantly, a space of belonging.
The Intercultural Center offers a variety of programs, events and initiatives throughout the year to help all students, faculty and staff engage in social wellbeing. Below is our September Calendar which showcases a variety of our programs and resources we are offering.

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