P.E.E.R.S. Spring 2016 Programs


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WFU Peer Groups host a variety of outreach, prevention, awareness, and educational programs for the WFU student community.  These programs are developed, implemented, and evaluated by the members of the corresponding Peer Group. Take a look at the WFU P.E.E.R.S. programs that were hosted during the Spring 2016 semester!


Alcohol and Other Drug Misuse Prevention Peer Group

Safe Spring Break 2016

The goals of Safe Spring Break 2016 was to remind students of safe drinking practices, reduce the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption during spring break, and encourage planning before drinking on spring break. Student were encouraged to participate in the “Safe Spring Break Pledge.” The pledge charged students to have a safe and responsible  break regarding alcohol use.

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National Alcohol Screening Day

National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD) is an outreach, education, and screening initiative that raises awareness about harmful and dependent drinking behaviors and connects individuals who are at risk with treatment options.

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Consumption and Mindful Eating Peer Group

WFU Scale Smash

Students gained insight into the issues of body image and eating disorders both nationally and on campus, and felt a sense of community on our campus around the issue. The program was both empowering and eye opening experience for students, staff, and faculty, in that the scale is not the determinant of health or beauty.







Student Education and Empowerment for Invisible Disabilities Peer Group

Signs of Stress: Pulse Pause

This program promoted and taught relaxation practices for destressing that aid in improving overall academic performance. 

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