Please complete the form below to rent program and event items from the Office of Wellbeing.


Request Form

  • Please select the item(s) you would like to rent through the drop down below. Check the availability in the spreadsheet before selecting item(s).
  • How many of this item would you like to rent?
  • For which dates and which times will you need this item? Please check the calendar to ensure item’s availability.
  • Note: There is no charge for renting Office of Wellbeing supplies; however, budget codes will be utilized in the event that all rented items are not returned in a timely manner, or are damaged upon return. Renters will be charged a fair market price for all items that the Office of Wellbeing must replace and will be notified of the cost of replacement. Please contact the Office of Wellbeing at or (336) 758-3089 with any questions or concerns.