Building a Community through Social Wellbeing

by Ja’Mahl McDaniel

Social Wellbeing is important because it drives our daily interactions with people and has shown to increase and maintain our happiness. A healthy amount of social wellbeing ...

Honoring Beauty in the World We Find

by Brian Cohen and DeDee Johnston

We often think of the environment as some “other” place – an undisturbed place where we might go to hike, fish, or view wildlife. We forget that our ...

Mindful Eating

by Kate Ruley

Mindfulness has gained quite a bit of attention in recent months, and for good reason. Our society is becoming so fast-paced that we are not always engaged with our immediate ...

Info on shared values across religious traditions from

by Virginia Christman

What are we talking about when we talk about spirituality?

Spirituality and spiritual wellbeing are interpersonal, intrapersonal, communal, and sometimes ineffable (beyond ...

The Gift of Effective Mentoring

by Allison E. McWilliams

Great mentoring relationships are a gift. Effective mentors pour into our lives with wisdom, with opportunities, with feedback on our strengths and weaknesses, and they ...