Sleepin’ Deacon

Sleepin’ Deacon is Back!

Meet your 2017 Sleepin’ Deacons

Week of sleep – February 6 – 13

During the Week of Sleep, students, staff,and faculty will engage in activities to learn about the importance of sleep. Sleep workshop topics will range from “Sleep and Productivity” to “Sleep and Dreams: How to Dream in Color.” Come to each workshop and leave with a Sleepin’ Gear give-a-way (first come, first served)! Come to all five workshops to collect the full Sleepin’ Gear Package to better prepare you for the 2-week Sleep Challenge!

Sleepin’ Deacon Challenge – February 13 – 24

The goal of the Sleepin’ Deacon Challenge is to promote adequate rest and rejuvenation among members of the Wake Forest community. Participants will be challenged to get a full night’s sleep (between 7-9 hours) for two weeks. Using a variety of sleep hygiene tips, participants will alter their current sleep patterns to increase their mental acuity and overall emotional and physical wellbeing. Meet the participants and winner from Spring 2016. Follow our 2017 Sleepin’ Deacons here.





Join us as we engage in three weeks full of sleep oriented workshops, trivia, social media games, photo challenge, and give-a-ways!



Sleep is important for your overall wellbeing. Tools like the Sleep Diary, What’s your Sleep IQ, the Sleepiness Test, and Healthy Sleep Tips provided by the “National Sleep Foundation” will help you assess your sleep habits, increase your knowledge about positive sleep practices, and help you improve your sleep. This online tool kit will better prepare you for a well rested night of sleep and ready you for Spring 2017 Week of Sleep and the Sleepin’ Deacon Challenge. All “Sleep Tools” provided below!


2017-sleepin-deacon-webpage-sleep-diary-1     2017-sleepin-deacon-webpage-sleep-iq-test-2





Successful People Know that Sleep Matters

Watch the videos and read the stories of successful people discussing the importance of sleep to their success:

Arianna Huffington

Tom Brady

Seattle Seahawks

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